Jet-Powered Amish Buggy
In the 21st century, the buggy is still used as normal, everyday means of transportation by most of them have not been modernized nor are they suited for normal roads, other than a triangular warning sign with red border and yellow background attached to the rear, that is unless…you’re talking about this custom jet-powered version. One of the owners originally wanted to purchase a turboshaft powerplant that outputs through a shaft, but instead purchased a turbojet that shoots hot gasses out the back to create thrust, and thus this creation was born. Read more for a video and additional information.

The buggy was strengthened with a steel subframe, and inside, you’ll find a racing seat as well as a custom control panel with various automotive and aviation gauges. Despite its somewhat menacing look, it tops out at 55 mph – 60 mph, which is more than enough to turn heads on the street or at a dragstrip in this case.

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