Jet-Powered Tesla Model S
Sure, the second-generation Tesla Roadster is set to get a jet-powered “SpaceX Package”, but that is a few years away. One Tesla Model S owner just couldn’t wait anymore, so he added his own jet turbines onto his vehicle. There jet turbines, the kind you typically find on remote-controlled airplanes, are mounted in the rear, with around 200 parts that needed to be custom fabricated. This meant lots of CAD work and 3D-printing. Read more for a video and bonus.

Aside from the custom fabrication, a host of electronics were necessary to get everything running smoothly. Whether it be the CNC-machined throttle levers in the center console or the set of switches and displays that let you turn on / off the engines, every single part was meticulously planned. At full power, the turbines use approximately 1.5-2 gallons of fuel per minute, or a combination of hydrodiesel and kerosene to be more specific. Do they make a difference? Most certainly, especially in the 0-60 mph sprint.

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