Largest PS5 Console
ZHC is mainly known for customizing Apple products, but his latest project is larger than life, literally. Standing 10-feet-tall, this PlayStation 5 console has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest, and moving this 500-pound beast was no easy task. Fortunately, all went without a hitch, although it did cost him $70,000 to build everything that you’re about to see. Yes, it can still play any PS5 game, but with a massive matching controller. Read more for see it in all its glory.

In addition to just building the world’s largest functional PS5 console, ZHC and his team spent 1–hours painting custom designs on each of the side panels. To be more specific, ZHC painted one side while his team, the other, and the one with the best design won their very own PS5 consoles to take home. Best of all, ZHC plans to gift this gigantic PS5 to a lucky random person.

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