Boeing Stealth Jet

Photo credit: Boeing via Jalopnik

Boeing recently provided Fox Trot Alpha with never before seen images of their stealth jet, called “Quiet Bird”, from the 1960s. It’s also known as Model 853, and the company claims that official records of the program were probably destroyed in 1970s. These images from 1962-1963 are from Boeing’s Wichita facility on a radar range, and while no actual flights took place during testing, they were able to drastically decrease the radar signature of a tactical aircraft. Continue reading for more images and information.

“The aircraft’s canted tails and exhaust set well forward of its trailing edge are also key features found on many modern combat aircraft that were designed with signature control in mind. This configuration not only helps with lowering radar reflectivity while still providing stability and maneuvering control, but it also shields the aircraft�s hot exhaust signature from the virtually every angle but from directly above and behind. Even the aircraft’s gold plated canopy and use of composites structures are all major techniques widely in use today to lower a manned aircraft�s radar signature,” according to Jalopnik.