LEGO Car Obstacles
The Brick Experiment Channel has been known for their custom builds, and their LEGO car is definitely worth a second look. There are three basic rules for all builds: vehicles must only have four wheels, no steering to simply things, and only use LEGO parts. This creation is powered by an SBrick receiver that has 50 meters of range, the BrickController 2 app for Android devices, and a PlayStation 4 wireless controller. Read more to see how it handles most obstacles with ease.

All of the obstacles in this demonstration involved books, and even eight books wasn’t too much of an issue, although it did require the car’s break-over angle to be increased to the point of it tipping over. The final obstacle was nearly impassable, thanks to steep overhang in the midsection of a mountain of books, and you’ll have to finish the video to see how well it fared.

LEGO Technic 4x4 X treme Off Roader 42099 Building Kit (958 Pieces)
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LEGO Technic 4x4 X treme Off Roader 42099 Building Kit (958 Pieces)
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