LEGO Technic Autoclicker Mouse Button
This LEGO Technic Autoclicker is touted as the world’s fastest, and rightfully so. Lucas of Lucas-Dynamics spent months carefully planning and building the machine you see here, capable of clicking a mouse button 70 times per second.

The previous 37 clicks per second (CPS) record was the one Lucas aimed to beat, and he started by upgrading the motor as well as replacing the original presser with one boasting a wheel-shaped design. Let’s just say that after some trial and error, he most certainly achieved his goal.

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LEGO Technic Autoclicker Mouse Button

You can do it electronically with a transistor. if a transistor turns on and off a certain frequency with a signal. without a click button. or the click button can start and stop the clicker. You can even make the click frequency in steps, for example 3 steps, 1 click 30 times per second, 2 click 60 times per second, 3 click 90 times per second,” said one commenter.


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