Lilium Jet Test Flight Air Taxi
The all-electric Lilium Jet has completed yet another test flight, and this five-seat canard light sports aircraft is powered by 36 electric motors, each acting on a ducted propeller. To be more specific, there are six on each of the two front wings and twelve on each rear wing. Plus, the fixed part of the wings, the propellers and engines are each installed in twelve tilting wing parts, or landing landing. Read more for the test flight video and additional information.

After 100 flights, the Lilium Jet was transitioned from vertical to horizontal flight, reaching over 40mph in the air, but not yet fully horizontal. It managed to perform 25° banked turns, high ascent/descent rates like in operations, hover turns and side translations. Electrical, fan and flap failures were mitigated by the electrical and flight control systems. The company expects to create around 500 jobs by 2025 when their commercial air taxi service goes into service.

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