Bisimoto Electric Porsche 935
Photo credit: Bisimoto
Bisimoto reveals the world’s first all-electric Porsche 935, or in other words, they transformed a classic Porsche 911 and fitted it with body panels resembling the original Le Mans-winning 935 race car. Power comes from a three-phase electric motor – paired with small battery packs located at the front / rear for a combined 32 kWh capacity – that generates 636 hp. Read more for a video and additional information.

If not for Bisimoto saving this 911 from a destiny of never seeing the road or track again, this fully converted 935 K3 now boasts a 3 phase AC motor propulsion system with 32kWh of battery, all crammed into a 2,681-pound package. It’s the perfect blend of classic beauty and modern technology.

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