MangDang Mini Pupper 2 Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics’ Spot is the perfect robotic pet, but most just can’t afford the $75,000 USD price tag. Meet Mini Pupper 2, an open-source mini robot dog that you can build at home. It builds upon its predecessor and adds support for ROS2 as well as Arduino (ESP32), with each leg using one powerful MCU to get into position.

In addition to position, you also get velocity and torque feedback, thanks to its low-level servo algorithm that runs on a separate powerful MCU. Best of all, you won’t be required to to perform manual calibration numerous times, just a single ‘click’, and the calibration begins to run automatically. Once up and running, you’ll be able to explore closed-loop control with GRF (ground reaction force) feedback, just like Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Want one? Early backers can get the basic kit for $429 USD from the Kickstarter here.

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MangDang Mini Pupper 2 Robot Dog Kit
MangDang Mini Pupper 2 Robot Dog Kit

Unlike the standard servo robot dog in the market, you are NOT required to perform manual calibration numerous times. With just a single ‘click’, the calibration will run automatically,” said MangDang.

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