McLaren Elva
The McLaren Elva may not have a windshield, but it can still keep insects from getting in your teeth. How? It uses the “McLaren Active Air Management System,” which deflects air around the passenger compartment in order to create a bubble that those pesky bugs won’t be able to get through. This system activates at speeds up to 25 mph where airflow and overall noise are high to create a comfort zone over the occupants and can be turned off while track driving so that the air channeled through the nose is sent to the engine instead. Read more for an up-close look video and additional information.

That’s not all, it also boasts an active rear spoiler which also acts as an air-brake, thus seeing the braking force load with the brakes. It’s claimed to be the lightest sports car ever produced by McLaren, thanks to its entire body work being made of carbon fiber, including the chassis, doors and seats. Power comes from a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 producing 804 hp and 590 lb⋅ft of torque, the same powerplant found in the Senna as well as the Speedtail.