Mercedes-AMG E55 Go-Kart
The Hoonigan team has partnered with Ken Block for several stunts, but their latest collaboration does not involve any Gymkhana course, but rather a custom-built go-kart powered by an Mercedes-AMG E55 engine. It was created by Shehryar Khan, a time attack driver who started with a normal 2004 Mercedes-AMG E55, but decided on taking the V8 engine out out of it for a faster platform. So, he removed the factory supercharger, installed two turbochargers, and boosted the output to 700hp. Read more for a walkaround video and additional information.

Khan didn’t want to use an existing subframe, so he built his own body for the kart. To ensure optimal performance, he calculated the weight for the engine and gearbox before even starting the build for a perfect 50/50 distribution. The engine is located behind the front wheels, and he installed a Formula 1-style inboard suspension for the ultimate track performance.

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