Meta BlenderBot 3 AI Chatbot Test
Meta’s BlenderBot 3, the first 175B-parameter, publicly available chatbot, complete with model weights, code, datasets, and model cards, can now be beta tested by the public. Unlike other AI chatbots, this one can search the internet in real-time to chat about virtually any topic, and it improves its skills as well as safety through natural conversations.

Meta BlenderBot 3 AI Chatbot Test
The team combined two recently developed machine learning techniques, SeeKeR and Director, to build conversational models that learn from interactions as well as feedback. New techniques were developed that allowed learning from helpful teachers while avoiding learning from people who are trying to trick the model into unhelpful or toxic responses. Try it out here. Speaking of chatbots, this is what happens when two AI chatbots attempt to have a conversation.

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A live demo is not without challenges, however. It is difficult for a bot to keep everyone engaged while talking about arbitrary topics and to ensure that it never uses offensive or toxic language. Avoiding sensitive topics, for example, could lead to responses that may seem off-topic or otherwise less engaging,” said Meta.

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