Meteorite Crash House Bed Canada
Photo credit: Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton from Golden, British Columbia, was fast asleep in her bed on the night of October 3rd when a loud noise suddenly woke her, and after turning on the lights, she discovered that something had crashed through the roof. There was a pile of debris right next to her, and right in the middle of all that was a 2.8-pound rock of sorts, a meteorite to be more exact.

She promptly called emergency services and a police officer quickly arrived on scene to investigate. They started by checking with a local construction company to see if there was any demolition work going on in their nearby highway site around Kicking Horse Canyon. The crew said that no blasting went on during that time, but some did notice a bright light in the sky that had exploded and caused some booms.

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I didn’t feel it. It never touched me. I had debris on my face from the drywall, but not a single scratch. I won the lottery. I won it, I’m alive. I’m laughing about it. I feel pretty blessed,” said Hamilton.


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