Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality AR
Microsoft Mesh, a software platform that will enable users to work and play together virtually by interacting with the same set of holograms on devices at various price points and from different manufacturers, takes augmented reality to the next level. Whether it be HoloLens goggles, Facebook’s Oculus headset, smartphones or computers, users can use Mesh to get a two-dimensional view. Plus, multiple users will be able see the same holograms from different locations, allowing for events such as concerts or company meetings where one user attends in person and others in “holoports” from home.

Alex Kipman, a Microsoft technical fellow, showcased this platform and answered questions using his holographic avatar using both a HoloLens and an HP Reverb headset. The reveal took place in an AR underwater setting, complete with a school of jellyfish, shark and two planets floating around the space, all of which were holograms that could be manipulated and examined.

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You can be anywhere as a hologram or an avatar, and it’s not just you. You now have not just yourself but all of your co-workers or your friends with you and you can do things together, not just with real objects, but with holograms,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer.

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