Pokemon Go Microsoft HoloLens
In the near future, Microsoft Mesh will allow you to play Pokemon Go with a holographic friend, and to show how this experience might be, Niantic CEO John Hanke joined Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman at a San Francisco park. Hanke then went on to demonstrate a version of Pokemon Go that works with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset. Unfortunately, it’s not intended for consumer use and more a proof-of-concept to show what is possible. Read more for the video and additional information.

The coolest part of the demonstration was when Hanke used the headset’s hand-tracking function to open up a menu to access characters and items. On the bright side, the Niantic CEO did confirm that his company is partnering with Microsoft on new kinds of experiences that advance innovation at the seam of the digital physical worlds and connect people together like never before.

While this demo is not intended for consumer use, it offers an early glimpse into the future evolutions in both software and hardware. We’ve only scratched the surface. We know the years ahead to be filled with important achievements which will serve as waypoints in AR’s journey to become a life-changing computing platform,” said John Hanke, CEO and founder of Niantic.

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