Mil-Spec Hummer

You may not have heard of Mil-Spec Automotive, but they’re the one company bringing back the Hummer H1, and most recently, to Jay Leno’s Garage. These included a four-door satin black model as well as a soft-top one, both powered by a Duramax 6.6-liter turbodiesel generating 500 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, mated to Allison six-speed automatic transmissions. Other features include: new aftermarket wheels and an onboard air system which. Even more impressive, these can run on biofuel and achieve up to 20 mpg. Want one? Prices start at a whopping $218,000+. Read more for this week’s selection of fascinating images from around the web.

15. The More You Know

colorized this BW photo 

14. Backyard View

I took a photo of Jupiter the other night!

13. Before and After Quantum Physics


12. From 2024

New Air Force One

11. Cosplay Perfection

Skyrim : Mjoll the lioness by April Gloria

10. Unusual

purple wood

9. Seamless

Stone glass

8. Sunburst

Impressive cloud over South Dakota

7. Wooden

Cool wood work

6. Stunning

Art Deco around the world-France, Spain, Mexico, etc

5. Brand Name Anime

If brand names were anime characters

4. Gamora


3. Rocket

LEGO 21309 – Saturn V Build pictures

2. Blade Runner Vibes

Hong Kong night photography series

1. Chernobyl

Massive new aerial photos from Chernobyl

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