Milrem Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle
Milrem’s Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) successfully performed the first live fire test equipped with the Kongsberg Protector Remote Turret (RT-40), which includes the Bushmaster 30 mm cannon as well as a linkless ammunition handling system. This test is a step closer towards making the Nordic Robotic Wingman (NRW), a robotic fighting vehicle, a reality.

The RCV can also be equipped with a cannon (up to 50 mm), anti-tank missiles and a tethered drone for continuous situational awareness. It already has several intelligent functions like follow-me, waypoint navigation and AI-powered obstacle detection, while Indirect Drive allows for remote-controlled operations at higher speeds. Want something that looks cooler? There’s the Ripsaw M5 robotic combat vehicle.

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The Type-X, which the NRW is based on, provides equal or overmatching firepower and tactical usage to a unit equipped with IFVs and gives mechanized units the means to breach enemy defensive positions with minimal risk to their own troops,” said the company.