PS4 Wood Block Christmas

Boston’s Fox 25 reports that the Lundy family didn’t quite get what they expected on Christmas morning when their son opened a PlayStation 4 box and discovered a fake wooden console inside, with an obscene image drawn on it to boot. “He got a PS4 and he says ‘this is the best present ever this is the best Christmas ever,'” said Brian Lundy. However, things did end up on a bright note when they took it back to the Saugus Target. “They not only gave us a new game system but they also gave us a $100 gift card as well as an additional game that the original game that was supposed to be in the box. Couldn’t have been any kinder,” said Kristin Lundy. Social media is claiming that some thieves are getting crafty by replacing the original seals with authentic-looking fake ones to make it appear as if a box hasn’t yet been opened, resulting in unfortunate events, like this one. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny autocorrect texts gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of Kylo Ren playing flaming bagpipes on top of BB-8.