Mutalk Wireless Microphone Virtual Reality Metaverse
When you’re playing Elden Ring in virtual reality, the last thing you’d want is to wake your friends or family up, and that’s where Mutalk comes in. This $200 USD wireless microphone covers the entire mouth and amplifies the user’s voice while muffling it simultaneously. On a single charge, you can expect up to 10-hours of continuous use.

It utilizes Helmholtz resonator principle to achieve a significant sound deadening effect despite its size. Plus, Mutalk has an earphone jack so you can use it with smartphones, while the included band is perfect for hands-free situations, such as playing games in virtual reality. Available later this year in the US for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms, priced at around $139.99 USD at launch.

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Mutalk Wireless Microphone Virtual Reality Metaverse

Since smartphones do not allow the Bluetooth microphone and earphones to run on separate devices, ‘mutalk’ allows a 3.5mm mini-plug earphone to be connected at the bottom for use with a smartphone. When connected to a PC, ‘mutalk’ can be used as a wireless headset with the same connection,” said the company.


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