NES Mike Tyson Punch-Out Motion Controls
H/t: Gizmodo
Always wanted to play the original NES Punch-Out!! game with motion controls? Ian Charnas has just the modification for you. This doesn’t work with all versions of the game, like the one released in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii, but it’s a creative way to play the game to say the least. It makes usre of Google’s AI-powered MoveNet, which can be used to detects 17 different points on a human body and create a stick figure to mirror movements.

This data can be fed into custom software, and in the case of Charnas, for the Punch-Out!! game. However, that was the easy part, as to get it working, he first had to modify an original NES console to download a ROM of the game from a game cartridge, and then a custom Javascript-based NES emulator that can be run in a web browser had to be programmed. The movements weren’t being converted quick enough so the Punch-Out!! code had to be modified to slow down each of the game’s opponents, thus matching the speed of the motion controls.

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