Nintendo Game Boy Game Man
Sure, the Nintendo Game Boy may be the third best-selling game console of all time, but sometimes, you just want a bigger version of it, and that’s where Game Man comes in. This isn’t an officially licensed Nintendo product, but rather a homemade creation that features a 3D-printed case, a 5.6-inch (640 x 480) display, audio video output and a Famicom motherboard. However, if you want to play more than just Nintendo games, there’s room for a Raspberry Pi computer in the case too. Read more for a video and the plans to build your own.

Despite its size, you can also use smaller 3D printers to make this using a special “splitup” file set. Unfortunately, none of the original Game Boy accessories work on the Game Man, including Game Genie, Super Game Boy, Handy Boy, Flip Light, and camera / printer. If you’re technically inclined, all of the 3D printer file have been provided free of charge. More information here.

GeeekPi Retroflag GPi Case with Raspberry Pi Heatsink & Black Carrying Bag & 32GB SD Card for Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W and Zero W 2 with Safe Shutdown
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi ZERO and ZERO W / ZERO W 2;NOTE:Raspberry Pi ZERO and ZERO W / ZERO W 2 are Not Included!
  • Game boy inspired Raspberry Pi case
  • Support SAFE SHUTDOWN functions. (Scripts are necessary).
  • 2.8 inch IPS screen; 3.5mm audio port; LED power indicator
  • Package includes:1 x Original GPi Case,1xBlack Carrying Bag,1x Copper Heatsink,1 x Flannel Bag ,1 x Introduction Manual,1 x 32G Class 10 Micro SD Card,1 x Black Card Adapter,1 x Card Protector Case

The cartridge slot needs to be unsoldered from the PCB and connected using ribbon cables. A basic understanding of electronics is needed to build this. Please don’t bombard me with simple questions on how to wire a potentiometer or plug,” said its creator.