Nintendo M82 Demo System
Remember going to various department stores or shopping malls in the 1980s and come across an NES kiosk that let you switch games? Well, it was probably the Nintendo M82 demo system, one that held 12 games at once and let you set a time limit for people to play. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, the Famicom Box, that could only play specially-made cartridges, the M82 worked with any standard NTSC game cartridge. Read more to see if the Pawn Stars made a decent offer for one of these units.

Players selected games using a a red button on the front of the unit. You were able to connect up to two standard controllers and one NES Zapper, both held on small shelves on the lower front of the unit. The time limit could be set by the store using a knob located on the back of the unit – 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 6 minutes or 128 minutes. Nintendo also created other in-store demo units, but the M82 was the most popular. For the record, the most recent sales on eBay for these units range from $3,000 – $4,000 USD, but a sealed example could fetch quite a bit more.

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