Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition Review
The Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition has been sold out for months, and you can get one for $299.99 shipped without any markup today. This special edition console draws inspiration from the game, complete with pastel green and blue Joy-Con controllers that are white on the back, white wrist straps and a white Nintendo Switch dock, adorned with images of recognizable characters Tom Nook and Nooklings Timmy and Tommy. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition - Switch
  • MSRP $299.99
  • The console is also decorated with images of recognizable characters: Tom Nook and Nooklings Timmy and Tommy
  • Includes a Switch console, Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and two Joy-Con strap accessories
  • Game not included
Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch
  • Build your community from scratch on a deserted island brimming with possibility; Create your personal getaway and customize your character, home, decorations, and even the landscape itself
  • Collect materials to construct everything from furniture to tools. Then, use what you create to give your island a personal touch
  • Watch as the time of day and seasons match real life—even your hemisphere. Each day holds potential for surprises and discoveries
  • Get to know the island residents, garden, fish, decorate, hunt for fossils, and more.
  • Show off your paradise – Play on the same system with a total of 4 people, or play together online or over local wireless for fun with up to 8 players

In this game, sold separately, players embark on the special Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package and are taken away to an island paradise. This is where you can roll up your sleeves and start a life from scratch on a deserted island. Over time, you’ll be able to make this life to whatever you want it to be – whether decorating your home, crafting, customizing their look or sharing the experience with friends, both in real life and on the island.