Nintendo Switch Bottle Water

Those who attended the NYC Nintendo Switch event were given small 8oz bottles of water, and some have already made their way onto eBay, with a few trying to fetch $100. “Up for sell is a Bottle of water from the nintendo switch event in NYC. This item is unused and in mint condition. The water was bottled at a natural spring. It’s clear. It makes for a great shelf item for any hardcore Nintendo fan. Feel free to make offers and ask questions. There’s no refunds,” said the seller. Continue reading for another video from the NYC even and more information.

Nintendo Switch Review & Hands On Impressions from the World Premiere Reveal Event in NYC.

I played over four hours of Nintendo Switch, and thoroughly tested up the controllers, the console, and the games!

Hear my full opinions and reactions to Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch, JoyCon, Pro Controller, and much more.

Big thanks to Nintendo from bringing me out to the event in New York.

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