No Players Online Game
If you love old FPS shooters, then No Players Online is a game you definitely want to try. Simply put, it’s PlayStation 1-styled first person shooter set in the seemingly empty servers of a defunct Capture The Flag game. It all starts when you discover an old VHS tape with the words “Capture The Flag Project Footage 03.20/86” written on it. Once inserted into a VHS player, you find that it contains footage of an old Capture The Flag FPS, but the servers aren’t as empty as they first seem. Read more for a video, additional information and the download link.

Sure, this isn’t a high production game that will set you back weeks worth of gameplay, as it only takes 10 minutes to play through. To make up for its length, the developer stuck in plenty of secrets to keep you busy after finishing the main story. One caveat: the game is for Microsoft Windows only, or at least for now. Download it here.

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