NVIDIA GauGAN AI Sketches Art
NVIDIA’s GauGAN is basically an AI-powered demo capable of photorealistic image generation. Their latest version, GauGAN2, is able to turn any combination of words and drawings into a lifelike image. This means that one can type “lake in front of mountain”, press a button, and a work of art is generated in real-time. By simply changing the text to a “lake in front of snowy mountain” or “forest in front of mountain,” the AI model will instantly modify the image.

GauGAN even caters to artists, as they are able to utilize the demo’s smart paintbrush to modify these text-prompted scenes or just start from scratch. Once the drawing is generated, just click on a filter to experiment with different lighting or apply a specific painting style to the creations. This AI demo is based on generative adversarial networks, or a deep learning model that involves a pair of neural networks.

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Art directors and concept artists from top film studios and video game companies had been among the creative professionals interested in GauGAN as a tool to prototype ideas for their work. So NVIDIA Studio, a platform to assist creators, came out with a desktop application: NVIDIA Canvas,” said the company.

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