Overwatch Chinese New Year Pig Hanzo

Blizzard announced Overwatch’s Chinese New Year of the Pig event last week, and it begin today, January 24 and will run through February 18. Featuring new skins for Reaper, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Hanzo, and more. Reaper gets transformed into Lu Bu Reaper, complete with crimson details, including feathers, who is the savage general that always destroys you in the battle of Hu Lao gate. Reinhardt ditches the helmet for emerald touches as Guan Yu Reinhardt, both a historical figure and a God. Last, but not least, Hanzo gets a grey beard and yellow coat as Huang Zhong Hanzo equipped with Tiger armor to match his status as one of 5 tiger generals of Liu Bei. Read more for a livestream of the event and additional information.

“Torbjorn applies some brown hair dye, giving him a more youthful appearance as Zhang Fei Torbjorn. Zhang Fei Torbjorn is one of the oath brothers, though one that doesn’t feel like quite as much of a layup as Guan Yu Reinhardt. The final Hero’s skin so far is Zenyatta, with his Zhuge Liang skin, named for the Chinese politician and military strategist. Zhuge Liang Zenyatta’s skin is competed with a beard and distinctive hat,” reports Express.co.uk.

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