Parker Brothers Electric Halo Warthog
Photo credit: Halo
Parker Brothers Concepts, best known for their all-electric TRON Lightcycle, have revealed their latest project: the M12 Warthog seen in the Experience. It all started as a Nissan Leaf, but after countless hours of work, it became the Warthog that you see above. The team first had to carefully study the CAD drawing specifications with 343 Industries to make sure everything was perfect before the body was made. Read more for two videos and additional information.

If you’ve ever wondered how Parker Brothers Concepts started off, it was founded by Marc Parker (the older brother by 18 months) and his younger brother Shanon, both of whom grew up in rural South Carolina. They only had limited funds growing up, but that didn’t stop them, as they discovered unique ways to make amazing vehicles, starting with bicycles and then go karts. Those same fundamentals carry on over to the present, but at the next level to say the least, with their very own team of custom fabricators, welders and craftsmen.