Play DOOM in DOOM Mod
A modder who goes by ‘Kgsws’ discovered an exploit in DOOM 2 that lets you run another copy inside the game itself while playing. This ‘Doom in Doom’ mod takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability that lets on execute a separate instance, or in this case, the open source Chocolate Doom, on an in-game wall.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all versions of DOOM, just the original DOS DOOM II. Why? There are other code execution exploits that people may take advantage of if it worked on every version, including GZDoom. Released in 1994, DOOM II boasts larger levels, never before seen enemies, a new “super shotgun” weapon, and power-up not found in its predecessor. More information here.

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I have found a code execution exploit in the original DOS Doom 2 and ported a Chocolate Doom to it. And then Chocolate Heretic. This does only work on the original DOS Doom2 version, no GZDoom or other source ports. This is a good thing as you don’t want code execution exploit on modern systems,” said its creator.

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