PlayStation 2 Portable
This PlayStation 2 Portable is unlike most of the homemade versions you’ve probably seen in the past, and it costs nearly as much as two brand new Nintendo Switch consoles. Why? Well, this is not just your basic handheld running a PS2 emulator, but it actually uses a real Sony PlayStation 2 motherboard with support for every game ever released. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

As you might have expected, there was no way of fitting the DVD drive into this package, but it runs the games off Flash memory cards, with 8GB of internal storage. Other features include a 7-inch IPS display, compatibility with 90% of PlayStation 1 games, and around 3-hours of battery life. Apparently, it can support up to a 32GB memory card, so you should be able to store plenty of games.