PlayStation 4 Pro

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is basically an updated version of its predecessor, with improved hardware, including an upgraded GPU with 4.20 teraflops of processing power, and higher GPU clock. It’s esigned primarily to enable selected games to be playable at 4K resolution in HDR, and improved quality for PlayStation VR. All games are backwards and forward compatible between PS4 and PS4 Pro, but newer games and those updated for it will have improved graphics performance on PS4 Pro. Pre-order one here now. Continue reading for a video explaining seven things you must know about the PS4 Pro.

” It launches November 10th, and it will cost $399. It�s intended to be sold alongside the base PS4 instead of replacing it, and new games will still be playable on the older hardware. The existence of Pro, formerly called Neo, was first reported on back in March. The PS4 Pro can output 4K and HDR video, which is powered by an upgraded GPU. Sony also boosted the clock rate for the new PS4 Pro. It will also come with a 1TB hard drive,” reports The Verge.

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