Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
Photo credit: Unilad
Raspberry Pi 4 is a mini computer priced under $100, so it’s no surprise that the same company would release a high-quality, budget-priced digital camera. Featuring a 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, a back-illuminated sensor architecture for improved sensitivity, support for off-the-shelf C- and CS-mount lenses, and an integrated back-focus adjustment ring and tripod mount. Read more for a video and additional information.

For those who own a Raspberry Pi, the High-Quality Camera is compatible with just about every Raspberry Pi model, from the original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B onward. Photographers can use C- and CS-mount lenses straight out of the box (C-mount lenses use the included C-CS adapter), while third-party adapters are available from a wide variety of lens standards to CS-mount, so it’s technically possible to connect any lens that meets the back‑focus requirements. More information here.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter PRO Kit - 4GB RAM
  • Includes Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Model B with 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU (4GB RAM)
  • Includes 32GB Samsung EVO+ Micro SD Card (Class 10) Pre-loaded with NOOBS, USB MicroSD Card Reader
  • CanaKit Premium High-Gloss Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Integrated Fan Mount, CanaKit Low Noise Bearing System Fan

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