Razer ERacing Simulator
Already have a stable of supercars, and want to recreate the experience of driving them right in the comfort of your own living room? Well, look no further than the Razer ERacing Simulator. Based on how much similar setups have cost, we’d expect this one to clock in north of $100,000+, thanks in part to its two full HD projectors beaming onto a custom-made black projection surface, with 202-degree FOV @ 128 inches for maximum immersion, vibrant colors and deep blacks. Read more for a video and additional information.

Its hand-crafted chassis features a truly modular design that allows bespoke customization and a fully upgradable architecture, giving you full control of your simulator requirements, so you can feel right at home in the driver’s seat. To ensure excitement, it also comes equipped with a hydraulic 3-pedal system—clutch, brake and throttle—that features quick-release pedal positions and adjustable angles. As for movement, it omes from D-BOX motion technology, a motion platform that offers Heave, Pitch and Roll movements to fully recreate the suspension and vehicle movements of a real-world race car, all the while multi-position intelligent feedback immerses you in the road feel, engine vibrations and other tactile sensations.

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