Roborace Car Crash
The first live broadcast of Roborace, the autonomous racecar series, didn’t go as planned, or at least for the Acronis SIT Autonomous team. The Switzerland-based team had their vehicle crash into a wall even before the race began, and unfortunately, sustained major damage to its frontend. All participating teams are required to use DevBot 2.0 spec cars, and develop their own software to control the vehicle. Read more for the video and additional information.

Yes, they did figure out what caused the crash, and it wasn’t due to its computers, but rather a human error. That’s right, an issue happened during the instatement lap where a human takes the wheel and drives the vehicle to the starting line. Apparently, the steering was locked to the right, and despite all efforts to correct this, the vehicle did not respond to the human command, thus causing it to crash into a wall. Fortunately, they used a stock DevBot 2.0 spec car to run the second round after skipping the first.

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