Russia LITVIN BMW M5 Competition Blow Up Explode
H/t: Car Scoops
First, a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S was burned down, and now, popular YouTuber LITVIN from Russia has decided to blow up a BMW M5 Competition as a tribute to his friend who lost their life while driving a BMW M4 Competition in Moscow. There really is no safe place to blow up a vehicle, or at least out in the wild, but LITVIN found a nice empty snowy field for the stunt and after dousing the vehicle in gasoline, flaming arrows ensued. Read more for the video and additional information.

Not all went as planned since it did take a few flaming arrows to ignite the gasoline, but in the end, the BMW M5 Competition went up in a fiery explosion, possibly due to additional explosives being installed. There was a near-miss during the stunt when parts of the wreckage came flying at LITVIN and his crew.

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