Samsung AR Glasses
With Apple developing their own augmented reality glasses, it’s no surprise that Samsung also has something in the works. Two videos were released by technology leaker “WakingCat” on Twitter earlier today, the same person who tipped the public off on the Galaxy Chromebook 2, on Glasses Lite. This device appears slightly more bulky than normal sunglasses, but the reason for that is because there is a transparent screen embedded directly into the lenses. Read more to watch a compilation of both videos and additional information.

These glasses would be perfect for playing games, writing out emails on the Dex Display, and more. An “Integrated Control” feature would let users with a Galaxy Watch quickly switch between gameplay and watching a video. When not in augmented reality, the Glasses Lite can be used normally outside, as the “Sunglasses Mode” essentially hides the transparent screen in the lenses. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

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