Samsung Artificial Intelligence

The Samsung Group is set to showcase eight innovative new projects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), developed from its C-Lab (Creative Lab) program, from January 8-11 at CES 2019 Eureka Park in Las Vegas. One of them is the “Girin,” which is basically an auto-adjusting monitor stand that ensures users have proper posture while on their computers at work. This sensor embedded stand automatically tracks the user’s posture, especially neck and head, in real-time. When bad posture is detected, it subtly moves the monitor which naturally trains users to assume better posture without actually noticing the change in monitor position. Read more for additional images from around the web.

15. Electrifying

Long exposure photograph of a laser pointer shining on a car

14. Before and After

Legolas Cosplay

13. Nobody Has Won

Challenge accepted !!

12. The More You Know

This pond contains high levels of copper sulphate, making it blue

11. What Keeps Them Alive

The inside of a space suit.

10. Pure Bliss

Enjoying life

9. Colorful

Christmas lights under the snow

8. Yet Cozy

An abandoned tiny, cozy Icelandic cabin

7. Smoke

Volcanic eruption seen from space

6. Getaway

Tree house in Maine

5. Another World

Photos from my 8.5 hour dive yesterday to a recently discovered cave passage 330 ft (100m) deep. In the Twin Dee/Weeki Wachee Spring Cave System. Photos by Kirill Egorov.

4. Tiny

Millennium Falcon control panel 1/72

3. Restored

Rescued from the junkyard 2yrs ago. Finally got everything done and couldn’t be happier

2. For Book Lovers

Bucket List Libraries and Theaters

1. Shards of the Past

Easily the best Star Wars fan film ever made.  1 million views within the first 24 hours.


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