Sherp ATV Icy Bog
You’ve probably seen the Russian-made Sherp ATV many times over the years, but it has just recently landed in the US. Matt Farrah of The Smoking Tire recently got the chance to take this monstrous vehicle deep into an icy bog for his “One Take” segment, and let’s just say that if you have the money, this just might be the ultimate off-road vehicle. The exterior is coated in durable polymer for added ruggedness and a 15.3 gallon fuel tank – plus another optional 15 gallon tank in the wheels – a generator, independent heater, and high-powered headlights, means it’s suited for a zombie apocalypse as well. Read more for a video showing why.

Think of this as an adult-sized Tonka truck with a 44 horsepower Kubota engine capable of overcoming obstacles over two feet tall. It can also swim in water using its oversized self-inflating tires, while skid steering allows it to turn on a dime with an 8.2-foot turning radius. A climbing gradient of up to 35 degrees means steep hills should be a breeze.