Shimmering Chocolate
Photo credit: ETH Zurich | Giulia Marthaler
ETH researchers have managed to create shimmering chocolates that give off a colorful sheen without the addition of colorants using a process that imprints a special structure on the surface create a targeted color effect. This process is similar to that of a chameleon, whose skin surface modulates and disperses light to display specific colors.

At first, the three scientists experiment with structural colors based on edible coatings of gold / titanium oxide, and depending on the thickness of the titanium coating, golden yellow or deep blue colors appear on the dark chocolate. The researchers then reject that method, as the production process would be too complex and coating the chocolate, whose melting point is 31°C, would be tricky and time consuming. Next, they decide to make an impression on the surface, rather than use a coating. After several attempts, an initial colorful shimmer appears on the chocolate, and it becomes a glow after some refinement.

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