Sony PlayStation 5 Console Official Digital Edition
Finally, after months of speculation and several dev kit leaks, we get to see the official PlayStation 5 console. To be more specific, there will be two versions of the PS5 released at launch: a standard model with a Blu-Ray disc reader, and then the Digital Edition, which will not come with any disc reader. Both versions appear to come with one DualSense controller, which has adaptive triggers that can change the resistance to the player as necessary. Read more for two videos, including one of the entire 2-hour livestream event.

The adaptive triggers will support in-game actions like letting you virtually feel as if you’re drawing an arrow from a bow. The DualSense controller also has strong haptic feedback through voice coil actuators that when combined together with an improved controller speaker, provides better in-game feedback. A new integrated microphone array lets players talk to others using only the controller, while the light bar has been relocated to the sides of the touchpad.

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Sony PS5 Console

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