Super Mario World 0 Exit Speedrun Guinness Records
Matheus Furtado from Brazil, a gamer better known as “FURiOUS” online, has set a new Super Mario World (1990) 0 Exit record by completing it in a mere 41.022 seconds. His speedrunning journey began back in late 2014 after discovering a video of a fellow colleague who goes by “Dram55” playing Super Mario World for a charity marathon (GDQ). After finding out that such technical skills are required for this event, he joined the “Speedruns Brasil” community.

The goal of speedruners is to reach the credits in a game the fastest way possible, without any restrictions in the use of glitches or bugs. Furtado has always been passionate about Super Mario World, a video game that he grew up with, but even with all the experience, setting this record was no easy task. The toughest part was placing Yoshi at the exact right spot to spit out the red shells, since that is necessary to use quick movements for placing the avatar in the perfect position.

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When it comes speedrunning, I suggest that you pick a game that you enjoy, finish it and casually explore it. After that, analyze existing records and follow the game’s community if it has one. They are usually welcoming and experienced runners will be able to assist you in this journey. With plenty of dedication you can eventually become a world record holder,” said Furtado.

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