Super Nintendo World Japan Pictures
Photo credit: The Sankei News
Set to open ahead of next summer’s Tokyo Olympics, Universal Studio Japan’s Super Nintendo World is almost complete, or at least the exterior buildings. The Sankei News managed to capture a few aerial photos that show off the land’s incredible details, including the warp pipe where guests enter. After warping through to the other side, you’re greeted by Princess Peach’s castle with Bowser’s lair appearing off in the distance. Read more for a video of the food offerings, additional pictures and information.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan Update
Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan Update
If you’re already inside the theme park, look for a walkway next to the Waterworld sign and you’ll see the warp pipe. Guests will end up on a two level courtyard, where they’ll see Yoshi’s Adventures, an omnimover attraction similar to Disney’s Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, complete with themed vehicles. Power-Up Bands will let you hit real-life coin blocks to earn points as well as compete with other people that day when using the companion smartphone app. All you need to do is register and then create a personal profile to start earning points. Best of all, there’s a Mario Cafe & Store that is already open for guests visiting the park today.

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