Jesse James Photo

Photo credit: SWNS via Peta Pixel

Justin Whiting from Spalding, U.K. stumbled upon a vintage photo while browsing eBay back in July 2017, and what caught his eye was that it resembled Jesse James. So, he purchased it for $9.99 and went about his business, that is until…he took it to forensic experts in the United States who then confirmed it was original and most likely handled by the famous outlaw himself, aged 14. “It was an easy match since it was compared to a longtime known image of the young Jesse James at 14. Justin’s image, however, was the same pose taken the same day by the same photographer[…] [It’s a] one-of-a-kind original that most likely was handled by the teenaged Jesse James himself,” said 19th-century photo expert Will Dunniway. Continue reading for two more pictures, another video and additional information.

iPhone 6 Prototype

Another year, another iPhone prototype surfaces on eBay. This time, it’s an iPhone 6 prototype running Apple’s ‘SwitchBoard’ software, which is used by testers, and disables the calling as well as camera functions. Plus, it has the rare red lightning connector, only found on test units. “I bought this item from a friend of mine, it is a iPhone 6 prototype, it has no FCC logos, Serial Number or Imei. From what I know it runs a debugging OS called SwitchBoard and features a red lightning dock port with a serial number of C39NW00KG876,” said the seller. Unfortunately, once bidding reached $53,000, the listing was taken down by the auction site. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Zaq Landsberg is an artist from New York who just happened to stumble upon a 4-acre piece of uninhabited land in a remote Utah desert on Ebay. So, he snagged it up for just $610, and on his first visit to the site, he installed a red-and-yellow flag bang in the middle for future identification. That is how “Zaqistan” was born. Landsberg visits the soverign nation a few times every year, creating artistic monuments, such as robot sentries, on each visit. Other landmarks include a border patrol station, victory arch, a bed of plastic wildflowers, and even a geodesic dome. Revenue comes from the realistic-looking passports he sells on his website for $40 a piece. Continue reading for another video and more information.

New Testament eBay

H/T: Daily Mail

You really can find anything online these days, including a 2,000-year-old New Testament manuscript that allegedly dates to between A.D. 250 and A.D. 350, from the Gospel of John. As you can see from the image above, it includes six lines of text written in Greek from John 1:50-51 on one side, along with an unidentified Christian text on its other side. Continue reading for an up-close zoomed image of the manuscript.

F-117 Nighthawk Stealth

Photo credit: Gizmodo

An alleged piece of F-117 Nighthawk stealth skin has just sold for a whopping $210. The 1999 F-117A shootdown was an incident that took place on March 27, 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, (Operation Allied Force, Operation Noble Anvil), when an Army of Yugoslavia unit used a S-125 Neva/Pechora to down a Nighthawk stealth aircraft of the United States Air Force. The pilot ejected and was rescued by search and rescue forces. Continue reading for more pictures and information, along with the eBay listing page.

NASA Lens eBay

Photographers looking to add a unique item to their collection should consider this gigantic NASA 2540mm f/8 mirror tele lens. Officially known as the Jonel 100, it’s claimed to be “one of the biggest lenses ever.” According to the seller, NASA utilized this lens to observe Saturn V, and a similar model was used to track as well as capture images of the Space Shuttle Challenger on the day it exploded during launch. Continue reading for more pictures, information and the auction page.

Ultimate Game Collection

Photo credit: eBay

Have over $164,000 to spare and want every single Nintendo game released between 1985-2000 in your collection? This eBay auction might be one to look at. The seller says, “5700+ games. Over 4000 from Nintendo. The majority from the golden age of gaming (1980’s – 1990’s) Multiple complete sets from Nintendo and Sega. Arguably every single retail (on store shelves) game released from Nintendo between 1985-2000 is represented here. That’s just scratching the surface with many more from Sega, Atari, Playstation, Xbox and Turbografx. Including multiple systems (some modded), (every single N64 color variant) and custom hand built and painted shelves. Complete in Box Mario and Zelda sets. I’m not looking to break this up, I’m selling as one amazing lot.” Continue reading for more images and information.

iPhone 6 Prototype

Photo credit: eBay via Gizmodo

You know you’ve hit the jackpot, when Apple “accidentally” sends you one of these. According to the seller, “Apple does NOT let these phones out of their possession yet I was accidentally sent one upon renewing my contract. As you can see from the photos, iOS8 has not been placed on this device, rather it is in the true developer mode. There are no FCC markings on the rear of the device or a model number. This is the real deal! The lightning port is red which is a sure sign of a prototype.” Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of

Comic book fans with very deep pockets rejoice! The world’s most valuable comic book, Action Comics #1, which was originally published in June 1938, is now up for sale. As most comic fans know, this is the issue in which Superman makes his debut. According to the seller, “This comic features not only the first appearance of Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but this comic began the entire superhero genre that has followed during the 76 years since. It is referred to as the Holy Grail of comics and this is the finest graded copy to exist with perfect white pages. This is …. the Mona Lisa of comics and stands alone as the most valuable comic book ever printed.” Continue reading for a rare look inside the comic and for the auction page.

Microsoft’s Xbox One (yes, it’s in stock here) may have already sold millions of consoles worldwide and be a runaway success, but there’s also a dark side. Nineteen-year-old Peter Clatworthy wanted to surprise his son with a brand new console for Christmas. So, he splurged and spent $740 on eBay thinking that a fresh Xbox One was going to arrive on his doorstep. Unfortunately, he only received a photograph of one. Despite the listing stating it was a photo of an XBox One Day One edition console, Mr Clatworthy said he’d expected to receive the console as it was listed in the video games and consoles category on eBay. Continue reading to find out what happened afterwards and for a video review of the real Xbox One.