Terraforming of Venus
Terraforming Venus has been proposed several times over the years, but how would the planet look if it had as much liquid water as Earth? Reddit “Dragonite-2” created such an image to show those interested. The main issue is the planet’s very thick carbon dioxide atmosphere, and its ground level pressure of 1,330 psi. A greenhouse effect causes the temperature on the surface to be several hundred degrees too hot for any significant organisms. So mostly all of the approaches include removing nearly all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Read more for a video and additional information.

One method proposed in 1961 by Carl Sagan involves the use of genetically engineered bacteria to fix carbon into organic compounds, but since the planet lacks a protective magnetosphere, the upper atmosphere is exposed to direct erosion by the solar wind and has lost most of its original hydrogen to space. Another interesting proposal is to cool the planet by placing reflectors in the atmosphere by using reflective balloons floating in the upper atmosphere to create shade.

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Map of Venus if it has as much water as Earth. from r/MapPorn