Tesla Model 3 Police
Photo credit: Yusuf Abramjee
This isn’t the first Tesla-based police vehicle, but most certainly the first Model 3 we’ve seen in this livery. Spotted at the annual Accelerate Policing conference in Phoenix, Arizona, it was created by Axon and police car equipment manufacturer Tomar. Featuring a matte grey and white wrap, wing mirrors equipped with flashing lights, and sleek 20-inch aftermarket wheels. However, instead of a traditional roof-mounted light bar, flashing lights were installed in the interior on the windscreen. Read more for additional pictures and information.

“It is difficult to say if the Model 3 will ever be used by police fleets around the world as the vehicle is still in its infancy. Traditionally, police forces, particularly those in the United States, have used sedans and SUVs larger than the Model 3 so the entry-level Tesla could be a little too small. However, many overseas police agencies do use smaller cars in their fleets, such as the BMW i3 and in these areas, the Model S could prove to be quite useful,” reports Car Scoops.