Tesla Model S Plaid
Just when you thought the Tesla Model S P100D’s Ludicrous mode was fast, Elon Musk has just set a new fast lap record for four-doors at Laguna Seca raceway using a prototype Plaid powertrain in a mere 1 minute and 36.555 seconds. How? It uses three electric motors instead of two and be an option on the Model S, Model X, and the second-generation Roadster during late 2020. Expect pricing to be more than the highest-end model, but still priced lower than the Taycan. Read more for the video and additional information.

Unfortunately, the Model 3 and Model Y will not be getting the Plaid powertrain, but the Performance models should be more than enough for your daily driving needs. To make this record-setting time official, Tesla will have to bring the prototype back during a sanctioned event. Technically, it’s faster than the 2016 CTS-V that set the record in 2015, but Elon is going to have to wait a bit longer to see this in the record books.