McMurty Speirling Batmobile EV Electric Supercar
Sure, Batman may not be able to fit into a McMurtry Spéirling, but there’s no denying that it drew inspiration from the Batmobile, or at least one iteration of it. Starting from the exterior, we have a full carbon fiber monocoque with carbon fiber crash structures and bodywork to keep things as light as possible – under 2200-pounds. Read more to see a TopGear rundown on this amazing EV.

Exact specifications have not been revealed, although we do know that it sports a 60 kilowatt-hours battery capacity rated at >800 volts, while a fan system in the rear generates 1,102-pounds of downforce even while the car is standing still. All of this means that the 1,000 hp vehicle is able to hit 186 mph in under 9.0-seconds, even without a large rear wing.

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McMurty Speirling Batmobile EV Electric Supercar

Our focus from the beginning was to keep the car compact. With an electric car, you pay a huge amount for any inefficiency, especially in terms of overall weight and the weight of the battery. So from the start, the car had to be low-drag and as light as we could make it – and that included making it a single seater,” said Tom Yates, McMurtry’s managing director.

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