Uber Air Eats Skyport

Photo credit: SHoP Architects
Uber’s announced today that it is planning to start delivering fast food by drone in San Diego this summer, but it won’t be coming straight to your doorstep. That’s right, there will be “designated safe landing zones,” like roofs, parked cars, or in the future skyports, where Uber couriers will unload the package by hand and take it to your front door. How much will this cost you? Expect to pay the regular fees, which average $8.50 in San Diego, and since McDonald’s is an early partner, special delivery packages arrive piping hot, fries and all. Read more for two additional videos of proposed skyports.

“Uber’s head of aerial projects, Eric Allison, told Bloomberg that the decision to go ahead with the trials was spurred by the success of Uber Eats, which grew its revenues by nearly 150 percent last year. Uber says its drones can make a delivery over a 1.5 mile distance in just seven minutes, much quicker than the 21 minutes it would take a car or cyclist,” reports The Verge.

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