Unnecessary Inventions LEGO Vacuum
Unnecessary Inventions’ Matty Benedetto specializes in things that may look cool, but you probably don’t need. His latest invention is a vacuum designed to sort your LEGO bricks by size. It all started with a normal shop vacuum attached to a custom container split into several tiers with 3D-printed dividers. As the bricks are sucked up into the container, they drop into the different sifting holes into the proper tier.

The basic idea behind any type of LEGO sorter is that it function similar to a multi-tiered colander, with each level having smaller openings so progressively smaller pieces fall through. To have the sorting grates drop their bricks into a bin, each one needs to pivot along the long axis. When you combine this creation with a shop vacuum, sorting random LEGO pieces laying on the floor becomes easier than ever.

LEGO Technic The Batman – Batmobile 42127 Model Car Building Toy, 2022 Movie Set, Superhero Gifts for Kids and Teen Fans with Light Bricks
  • Features a true-to-life model car - a LEGO Technic replica version of the BATMOBILE, the iconic super-hero car, as seen in the 2022 movie
  • There's lots to explore in this epic car model, with 2 light bricks included, plus an 8-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a spinning flame
  • Other features of this LEGO BATMOBILE model car include front steering, differential on rear wheels, plus opening doors and hood

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