First Edition Pokemon Cards Box

Remember when you could buy an unopened limited edition box of Pokémon The Trading Card Game: First Edition for under $100? No, you’re not alone, as one of the rare specimens recently sold for a whopping $56,000 at a Huggins & Scott Auctions. Apparently, the box “has been in the possession of our consignor since release decades ago.” Did you know that in the US, the TCG was initially published by Wizards of the Coast, but The Pokémon Company eventually took over publishing the card game in June 2003? Read more for another unboxing video of an original First Edition box and more information.

“A box break will yield (36) 11-card packs. Additionally, each pack will deliver: (5) common, (3) uncommon, (2) Energy and (1) Rare or Foil card. Based on production, the odds of pulling a foil card are nearly 1:3 packs. With 396 chances for Gem Mint 10 holos and other high-grade treasures, “the sky’s the limit” for this transcendent non-sport box!,” according to the auction page.